10/9/2016 – Let’s do this.

TRUMP: OK. Debate time. Time to win another. Show them all what big league is.

PENCE: I don’t actually think you

TRUMP: Gonna be YUUUUUUUUGE say it with me


TRUMP: From the diaphragm

PENCE: (sigh) yuge

TRUMP: YUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE like that. Ugh you’re so low energy. No wonder your hair is white, small time scalp.

PENCE: Are you ready?

TRUMP: The Donald is always ready. Tried something new this time. Debate’s in the bag.

PENCE: You practiced and researched the topics? Thank Go-

TRUMP: Switched tanners.


TRUMP: Double logic resistant. Extra orange. Absolutely classy. The best. You give me a final slathering 15 minutes before, Boom. Trump Time.

PENCE: That’s not what I

TRUMP: Worked for the Hulkster in Wrestlemania 3. Classy. Big Time. Orange. The best. Body slammed Andre the Giant. Gonna do the same to Hillary. Figuratively of course. Unless she gets all handsy.

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