10/10/2016 – Little League Tolerance





TRUMP: Where’s…


TRUMP: That guy. White hair. No personality. Looks like he’d be the dad of those Cobra Kai teens in Karate Kid.

CHRISTIE: You mean your #1 guy Mike Penceshouldabeenme?

TRUMP: Yeah. The first part.

CHRISTIE: He played the Trump debate drinking game. Took a shot every time you sniffed. He’s in the hospital now.

TRUMP: Ugh not good.

CHRISTIE: Good to see you care. I thought you’d

TRUMP: What a loser. Weak liver. Little league tolerance.

CHRISTIE: So you’re going to need a new VP, at least for the short term.

TRUMP: True that.

CHRISTIE: I promise I’ll do my

TRUMP: Get the gimp.

CRUZ: Mmph.

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