11/7/2016 – Bit Fruity

PENCE: Can’t sleep sir?

TRUMP: Of course not. Big day tomorrow. HUGE

PENCE: Makes sense, it’s not every day someone might be elected pre-

TRUMP: Going to see that Dr. Strange movie.



PENCE: I don’t-

TRUMP: Benedict Cumberbatch. Bit fruity, but good actor for a Canadian.

PENCE: He’s not-

TRUMP: Dr. Strange’s book of Vishanti. Totally useless. Need to get your hands dirty sometimes with blood majick


TRUMP: Eye of Agomotto. Great for scrying. Could help with forecasting. Better than lying polls. Especially CNN and the Times. Awful polls. Totally corrupt. Low energy.

PENCE: Just one more day…just one more day…

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