11/8/2016 *ELECTION NIGHT* Ganking Laners

PENCE: Sir, your war room is ready.

TRUMP: Outstanding Pence. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

PENCE: Indeed sir. Our planning has been meticulous.

TRUMP: League of Legends finals. Here we go.



PENCE: This is for the elec

TRUMP: I like the US map there. May be hard to gank laners, so we need to use Warwick or Jinx.

PENCE: We’re electing the leader of the free world in the most contentious election in modern US history and all you can think about is video games???

TRUMP: Can you tell the difference?

PENCE: …no.

TRUMP: Ugh. You’re such a n00b. Probably play Nidalee and Garen.

PENCE: I…like the Pac Manner..

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