11/9/2016 – Bad Mojo

TRUDEAU: Aaaanyway. The whole “I’m fleeing to Canada” thing is some bad mojo.

CLINTON: Explain this thought process

TRUDEAU: So if my left hamstring is tight, do you know what I do?

CLINTON: Remove the offending appendage and replace it with a new model of course.

TRUDEAU: No. I hit the Heron Krounchasana pose and stretch it. I fix the problem. You know what I don’t do?


TRUDEAU: I don’t flee to the fucking right hamstring and stand on one leg the rest of my life.


TRUDEAU: You don’t like the idea of President Trump? Neither do I. He’s what we call in the Yoga community “a dick.” So you stand your ground. You stay and find a way to work with him. You lay down your arguments. You oppose and protest when necessary. You concede at times for the good of the country and you fight when needed. You set an example for professionalism and maturity, the very things you accuse your opponents of not having. If you and everyone else flee, you’re actually leaving behind a more concentrated version of all that you and your supporters oppose.



CLINTON: I want to have intercourse with you.

KAINE: Me too, he’s handsome!

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