11/10/2016 – Stung a Bit

TRUMP: You’re still mad at me aren’t you? Calling you the most ignorant president in history.

OBAMA: It stung a bit, sure.

TRUMP: Meant it as a compliment. You: smart guy. Good grades. Just not street smart.

OBAMA: I was a Professor at the University of Chicago Law School.

TRUMP: Exactly. Book smart, not street smart. Glad we can see things the same way.


TRUMP: Need street smarts like a business leader. Show them who’s boss. Get your hands dirty. That’ll teach you leadership.

OBAMA: I’ve been President for nearly 8 years now. I’ve learned a few things you might say.

TRUMP: Pfffft. Never dealt with contractors . That’s tough negotiations. Gotta strut. Show them who’s boss. Like this, see?

OBAMA: Please sit down.

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