11/15/2016 – No Go Benny

TRUMP: So Benny, no go on any cabinet position?

CARSON: No Donald, I’m good.

TRUMP: Secretary of Health and Human Services?

CARSON: I could do it, just don’t wanna.

TRUMP: Surgeon General? I mean you’re a surgeon, and you’re generally a good guy. Boom. Match.

CARSON: It’s flattering, but no thank you Donald

TRUMP: Want NASA? You. Spaceships and aliens. Good to go.

CARSON: I think you need a PhD doctor for that. I’m an MD.

TRUMP: Minister of Funk?



CARSON: That’s a tiny bit racist.

TRUMP: C’mon it’s me.

CARSON: Donald, I just think I would not be ideal for you. I have no experience running any federal agency. I don’t want to harm the Presidency.

TRUMP: But…you ran for President. Gotta admit Benny, getting mixed messages here. Like Catelyn Jenner. Hot but still Bruceish. Would still grope though.

CARSON: President’s different

TRUMP: Got it. Fail your way into a promotion. Totally familiar. Can respect that.

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