11/23/2016 – Full 360

BANNON: I don’t get it.

PENCE: Don’t get what?

BANNON: It’s been 2 weeks since Trump won the election, and since then he’s backtracked on building a wall, banning Muslims, climate change, waterboarding, immigration, Obamacare, prosecuting Clinton, suing the New York Times, and now he’s disavowing those KKK groups.

PENCE: That’s almost a full 360.

BANNON: 180. Don’t be one of those people.

PENCE: I still believe in him. The man is a mastermind and he has a master plan. We just don’t see it yet.

BANNON: Ah, Mr. Trump. We were just talking about you.

TRUMP: You. Pence. Open this jar. It’s stuck. Stupid jar. if you weren’t filled with delicious pickles I’d prosecute. Glass prisons of hate. Like Guantanamo but juicier.

PENCE: Yup, full 360.

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