12/8/2016 – 3 More Weeks

PENCE: Sir, good news! Time magazine has made you Man of the Year!

TRUMP: Ugggghhhhh

PENCE: I, I don’t underst-

TRUMP: Who cares? Year’s almost over. I’m man of the year for like 3 more weeks. Time Magazine, no class.


TRUMP: They should name their man in January. Could be a woman, but come on.

PENCE: How would they-

TRUMP: Hitler. Stalin. Putin. All Man of the Year before.

PENCE: Ok, sure but the Pope has also-

TRUMP: So at least I got those bragging rights.




TRUMP: Vince McMahon’s wife is joining my cabinet. Got the hotline to John Cena.

PENCE: It’s dying. My brain. It’s dying. I can’t.

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