12/8/2016 – A Ghost!

PENCE: Sir, Leonardo DiCaprio is here to discuss climate change.


DICAPRIO: Mr. Trump good to-

TRUMP: Holy crap it’s a ghost!

DICAPRIO: I don’t-

TRUMP: You. That boat. The big one. Saw you sink into the water. Rose did nothing. Never let go Jack, she said. Then she let go. Low energy. 

DICAPRIO: Ah, Titanic. Yeah I get that a lot.

TRUMP: That raft. Big enough for both of you. Selfish. Melania would make room. I’d push her off, but only a bit.

DICAPRIO: This is a joke right?

PENCE: Sadly, no.

TRUMP: How’s it doing?






TRUMP: The bear.

DICAPRIO: I…have to go.

TRUMP: And that’s how you stop talking about climate control.


TRUMP: What?

PENCE: I…don’t know if that was more evil or brilliant.

TRUMP: Go with both. There’s room on the raft.

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