1/14/2017 – Years in the Making

PENCE: Are you ready for Friday sir?

TRUMP: Absolutely. Going to be HUUGE. BIGLY. Historic. Years in the making.

PENCE: Good to hear. The country is-

TRUMP: xXx: The Return of Xander Cage is out.


TRUMP: Vin Diesel. Good actor.


TRUMP: He’s no Dwyane the Rock Johnson, but still.

PENCE: Sir, what about the Inauguration?

TRUMP: Never seen that Vin Diesel movie. Does he snowboard?

PENCE: President? You? Friday???

TRUMP: You go. You’re going to be running everything anyway.

PENCE: I…can’t do that sir.

TRUMP: Not missing xXx. Donnie Yen is in it. So’s Ice Cube. You make time for Cube and Yen. It’s in the Bible.


TRUMP: Right after Deuteronomy.

PENCE: I’m…certain the people would question your absence sir.

TRUMP: Whatevs. Not skipping xXx. Unpossible. Nada. No can do.

PENCE: There’ll be hot girls there.

TRUMP: Inauguration. Let’s do this.

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