1/20/2017 – Annieoximals

TRUMP: Big day today. HUGE. Can’t do it.


TRUMP: Too big a step. Gotta think about this.

PENCE: I understand sir. I’m sure previous folks were overwhelmed by the inaugu-

TRUMP: Finally switching to Franken Berry.




TRUMP: Count Chocula. Good man. No strawberry, so no can do. Need fruit. Heard it has annieoximals.

PENCE: …antioxidants?

TRUMP: Listen to Mr. Science here. Just go comb your snow hair and leave the big words to the smart ones.


TRUMP: Note to self: Arrest Boo Berry. Heard he was an immigrant.


TRUMP: He’s a ghost. Wall won’t work. He’ll just pass right through it.

PENCE: I’m feeling ill.

TRUMP: Change your diet. You need more annieoximals.

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