1/21/2017 – Trumpedo

TRUMP: That’s a lot of women out there marching.

PENCE: Sure looks like it sir.

TRUMP: Like, a LOT.

PENCE: Agreed sir.

TRUMP: Their message is really getting through to me. I hear them.

PENCE: It is? Well I’m glad that your open mi-

TRUMP: They all want to bang me.


TRUMP: Like, ALL of them. They all want the little billionaire.



PENCE: I don’t th-

TRUMP: Gotta tweet about how I’m a married man. Lotta broken hearts, but no can do.


TRUMP: Unless they’re like a 9. Then, the Trump torpedo is launching.


TRUMP: Trumpedo for short. But it’s not short. Just the word.

PENCE: 3 years, 11 months…3 years, 11 months…

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