1/31/2017 – No Can Not NOT Do

PENCE: Sir, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is here.

TRUMP: Ok let’s do this.

YATES: Mr. President.

TRUMP: So. You. I say no Muslims, you say no not Muslims, I say can do, you say no can not NOT do. Right?

YATES: If…you’re referring to my questioning the validity of the recent immigration ban then I guess, yes. You could-

TRUMP: Sally…(Dramatic Pause)…..YOU’RE FIRED

YATES: I understand sir.

TRUMP: So. You. Get in the limo. Talk about how upset you are while the credits roll.

YATES: Sir, the presidency isn’t your personal reality show.

TRUMP: Hey winterhead, who’s outside the oval office?


TRUMP: Out with it snowflakes.

PENCE: …Andrew Dice Clay and Gary Busey

YATES: …I stand corrected.

TRUMP: Boom.

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