1/31/2017 – Silently Weeping

PENCE: Mr. President, your newly approved Energy Secretary Rick Perry is outside.

TRUMP: Ok. Let’s do this.

PENCE: If you need me sir I’ll be outside. Silently weeping.

PERRY: How-DEE Mr. President!

TRUMP: Ricky! The Rickster! R Perry! Rickarino! Rick Perry. Got a name like an 80s pop star.

PERRY: So I dun been told, mu-cha-cho!

TRUMP: You. No French in here. Subject. Back to it. Congrats to you on the whole Energy…Secretary…thing.

PERRY: Thank ye sir!

TRUMP: One question.

PERRY: As the NRA pays me to say, shoot.

TRUMP: What’s an energy secretary?




TRUMP: Is that like an excited broad who makes me coffee?



PERRY: I reckon’ I dunno.

TRUMP: Good thing I do.

PERRY: Well alrighty then!





TRUMP: Go get Pence.

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