2/9/2017 – The Loser Room

PENCE: Sir, we have to talk.

TRUMP: More like I talk while you whine like a winterheaded pansy, but sure.

PENCE: …rrright. Anyway, about that tweet…

TRUMP: Which one?

PENCE: Well…all of them, actually…but right now the latest one? “See you in court?” It’s…a little…

TRUMP: Brilliant. Accurate. A masterpiece of brevity and wit. Class!

PENCE: So I guess my question is…why do that?

TRUMP: I figure everyone’s either suing, going to sue, or is getting sued by me. It’s probably true for anyone I talk to.  Manners!

PENCE: But, sir, why say that to judges? It’s kind of where they work! That’s like getting into an argument with Mike Tyson and saying “see you in the ring.” You’re threatening to fight them on their home field! When discussing battlefield strategy Sun Tzu states-

TRUMP: Ugggghhh. Look, you order beef with broccoli on your own time. You’re missing the point.

PENCE: I, I…don’t underst-

TRUMP: If I get into a fight with someone, do you really think they want they want to hear that I’m going to be spending MORE time with them? In their home? With me? All this Trumpitude right here?



PENCE: That’s…disturbingly brilliant.

TRUMP: It would be like if you and I got into a fight and I said “See you in the loser room.”


TRUMP: In Pansytown. Where you, Mike Pence, live. Like a loser pansy. In the United States of Ameritool.

PENCE: I’m…going to get lunch.

TRUMP: Pick up some Kung Pow, there, Sun Tzu. I’ll see you in the loser room.

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