2/16/2017 – Underrated Demographic

PENCE: Mr. President, about that press conference just now…

TRUMP: Bigly.

PENCE: It was an epic…something all right.

TRUMP: Magnificent, if I do say so myself.

PENCE: That might be the case.

TRUMP: Covered multiple topics. Hit everything all over the place.

PENCE: Yes sir, you were definitely all over the place.

TRUMP: Never could figure out why O’Bombs was so awful at them. Should have used my press kit notes.

PENCE: …press kit notes?

TRUMP: These. Cover every topic. Just combine them and Boom. Answer to any topic. Like a sage.

PENCE: This is Cards Against Humanity! You’ve been using this to prepare for your press conferences?

TRUMP: Like a champ.

PENCE: That explains why your answer to ISIS was

TRUMP: Two midgets with hairy nipples.




TRUMP: They’re an underrated demographic.

PENCE: Sir, I’m going to make a strong recommendation that you don’t use this for your next 1 on 1 with Fox News.

TRUMP: Of course not.

PENCE: Thank God.

TRUMP: For that I need 2 verbs, an adjective, and a color.


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