2/17/2017 – A Difficult Time

TRUMP: Unacceptable! Intolerable! A Tragedy!

IVANKA: I understand, dad, this is a difficult time.

PENCE: Mr. President I was reviewing the latest polls and…is something wrong?

TRUMP: We need to investigate. Can’t accept this. Heads will roll!

IVANKA: It might not be the best time, Mike. Dad just got some bad news.

PENCE: What? Is everything OK? Is there another scandal? A crisis? Meryl Streep?  

TRUMP: Worse. No recovery from this. 

IVANKA: He needs some time to collect his thoughts. 

PENCE: Terrorist attack? INVASION? 

TRUMP: No. George. He’s gone. Gone for good.

PENCE: Oh. Former President Bush. You’re right, it is a national tragedy. We should prepare a statement for 41. I’ll inform the-

TRUMP: No, snowbrain. Steele. George The Animal Steele. Wrestling genius. Tongue, green like money. Managed by Miss Elizabeth. Solid 8. Would want to date, but wouldn’t out of respect for George.

IVANKA: They’re together now, Dad.


TRUMP: First Jimmy Superfly Snuka, now this.

PENCE: So I’ll….leave you alone to grieve while I…run the country. 

IVANKA: Hang in there Dad. Bruno Sammartino is still with us. 

TRUMP: You always know how to cheer me up, Vonks.


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