2/23/2017 -Worst People the Trannies

BANNON: Good job repealing the bathroom rights of the Trannies sir!

TRUMP: Uggghh! Worst people! Never liked them. 


TRUMP: They think they’re so special but NOBODY likes them. NOBODY! They think I’m going to let them have special bathroom rights? No can do!


TRUMP: If it was up to me, there’d be none of those losers in America!


TRUMP: How the heck would we get those tracks in all the bathrooms, anyway? Makes no sense. Infrastructure!


TRUMP: They already have their own stations. Now they want to take over our bathrooms? Selfish!


TRUMP: Next thing you know they’ll want us to say “Choo!Choo!” all the time.

BANNON: Wait, what does this have to do with-

TRUMP: Trainies. Hate them. Wouldn’t let me buy a Trump train line back in the day. Would have been classy. Gold tracks. The best!

BANNON: No..NO! The ban is for transsexuals. Transgenders! Not Trains!

TRUMP: What, ladyboyladies? Who cares? Let them do what they gotta do wherever they want. No biggie to me. Just don’t fart next to me in the bathroom. Selfish!

BANNON: You can’t be serious. 

TRUMP: No Plainies either. Those wings’ll just bump into folks at the urinal. Rude!



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