3/3/2017 – Trump Butt Serious

PENCE: Sir, I thought you should know that Attorney General Sessions has recused himself. 

TRUMP: Uggghh. Ok. Get them in here. All of them. 

CARSON: I’m already here sir. 

TRUMP: Gah! Stop that. Boring sneakiness. 

PENCE: Ok sir, we’re all here. 

TRUMP: Ok. You. Plural. Talking to Russia. Can’t do. No can do. Russia. Not saying they’re the enemy but not not not saying it either.  


TRUMP: Not done. Talking to Russia. Conflict of interest. Usually this is when Poots calls me but phone is off. So I’m serious. There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s named Trump. But not sheriff. President. So better. 

BANNON: Wow, he’s not messing around.

DEVOS: Oustadingg Mistre Prezidunt!

PERRY: Boy howdy!


RYAN: I’m pumped by this!

IVANKA: Good for you Dad!

PENCE: Impressive sir! 

TRUMP: Thanks all. Except you Pence. Practices yoga just so he get bend over to kiss Trump Butt. Understand. Trump Butt is good butt. Greatly. Bigly. Classy. The best. Glutes!

SESSIONS: Sir, if I may ask. We’ve all agreed to do this before. So why did you call all of-

TRUMP: Need someone to tell me what recuse means. 

SESSIONS: You’re serious.

TRUMP: Very serious. Trump Butt serious. 




TRUMP: Is that like when someone uses the same excuse twice? Already expert at that. Not Clinton level but still black belt.  



CONWAY: America!

CARSON: If I may sir-

TRUMP: Gah! Stop sneaking up! Like a boring assassin. Cloaked in a shroud of dull.


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