3/6/2017 – Loud and Clear

PENCE: Sir, you might want to reconsider this whole wiretapping thing. 

TRUMP: Can’t. Won’t. President so I’m right. Always. Infallible!

PENCE: …be that as it may sir…you’re going to need some type of evidence to even convince- 

TRUMP: Evidence. Got it. Phones bugged. Bigly. Bugly. Can’t dispute. Credible!

PENCE: Oh, well that’s great then! Could I ask you to share? 

TRUMP: Done. Observe. Phone. President’s phone. Couldn’t be tapped, right? Wrong. Watch.  

PENCE: Who are you calling?

OBAMA: Hello?

TRUMP: O’Bombs. Trump. 

OBAMA: Good morning Mr. President. How can I-

TRUMP: You. Question. Answer.

OBAMA: I’d be happy to Donald.

TRUMP: Me. Saying things right now. Into this phone. Things. Could be important. Or not. But it’s me so always important. Can you hear this?

OBAMA: Loud and clear Donald, but wh-

TRUMP: *click* Boom.

PENCE: I don’t..wha..boom what is

TRUMP: Boom. As in BOOM Boom. 

PENCE: You…might have to explain th-

TRUMP: Ugghhh. FINE. This. Phone. Me. Talk on phone. Obama on other side. Can hear. Listening in! 




TRUMP: Boom.

PENCE: …I can’t believe I’m hearing this. 

TRUMP: I know. But you can. So can Obama. Scandal!

PENCE:  I’m in hell. That has to be it. I’m in hell. 

TRUMP: Not yet. Wait till you hear about FaceTime. Haven’t slept in a week! 




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