3/14/2017 – Building Dramatic Suspense

PENCE:  Sir, Kellyanne Conway is here. 

TRUMP: Bring her in. 

CONWAY: Good morning, Mr. President! How-

TRUMP: No. You how. As in explain how. 

CONWAY: How…what, sir? 

TRUMP: How microwaves can spy on people. Unpossible! Can’t do. CIA is not omni…





PENCE: -present, sir. Omnipresent. 

TRUMP: Knew that. Building dramatic suspense. 

PENCE: Of course. 

TRUMP: You. Conway. Look here. Microwave. Popcorn. Put popcorn in microwave. Turn on microwave. Boom. But no Boom. Nothing. No CIA. Just spinning popcorn.

CONWAY: I..may have misspoke on that one, sir.

PENCE: Well to be fair, sir, the press doesn’t exactly help. 

TRUMP: Fake news. Always going to ask for facts. Can’t be caught off guard! Media is-

CIA: Popcorn’s done. 







PENCE: So…how about those sofa pictures? 

CONWAY: The press was being unfair. 

TRUMP: Media bias. Can’t respect. Rude!



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