3/17/2017 – Work Smarter Not Harder

PENCE: Mr. President,you’re getting some criticism about your budget. 

TRUMP: Uggh. Budget. Who needs? Just be rich. Can spend as much as you want. Budget limits that. Unnecessary!

PENCE: Sir, a budget is needed to balance the books. There is not enough money to go around to pay for things. 

TRUMP: Not enough money? Makes no sense. 

PENCE: Ok, let’s try this. You have money. Lots of money. 

TRUMP: I like. Sounds good. Tremendous. 

PENCE: Ok, now picture you with no money. 

TRUMP: Making no sense. 

PENCE: Ok, picture only the money. Just a  big pile of money. 

TRUMP: Always do. 

PENCE: Now picture no money. 

TRUMP: Gibberish. You’re speaking gibberish. 

PENCE: Ok, this whole thing is starting to make sense now.

TRUMP: Talk to me about this criticism. Go.

PENCE: Well sir, there is concern that a whole bunch of programs are not going to receive financial support.

TRUMP: Such as?


TRUMP: The environment. Breathe in, breathe out. Boom. Climate. Free air!

PENCE: Meals on Wheels.

TRUMP: Why spend money on meals that are just going to drive away? Can’t eat. Makes no sense. Need meals that stay. Logic!

PENCE: Department of Labor.

TRUMP: Work smarter not harder. 

PENCE: Well that might be tough since you’re cutting the Department of Education budget as well. 

TRUMP: Symmetry!

PENCE: The National Endowment of the Arts is a bad one sir. People are saying the First Lady’s security detail in New York costs more money than the NEA budget. 

TRUMP: Makes sense. Have you seen Melania’s butt?  Solid 9. Art!



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