6/5/2017 – Seductive Acting

TRUMP: Unbelievable. That woman. What kind of message did she think she was sending me? Inappropriate!

BANNON: Ah, yes sir. That whole Kathy Griffin beheading situation. 

TRUMP: Kathy Griffin beheaded? Sad to hear that. Can understand though after watching her on that D-List show.

BANNON: My Life on the D-List?

TRUMP: Not talking about you now.

BANNON: No sir, that was the name of her show. My Life on the D-List. 

TRUMP: Wrong D-List show. Talking about CNN and her New Year’s Show with Anderson Cooper. Can’t stand whenever that shrew of a woman is on the air. And then there’s Kathy Griffin!

BANNON: Ha! Good one sir!

TRUMP: What is? 

BANNON: Oh. You were serious. You see, um, Anderson Cooper isn’t really a-

TRUMP: Anyway, why are we talking about Kathy Griffin? Failure of a comedian. More about shock value than jokes. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a public figure saying controversial statements just to get attention and press coverage. 




TRUMP: What? 

BANNON: Oh, um, nothing, sir, I thought you were just…talking about yours…MOVING ALONG, if you were not talking about Kathy Griffin when you said “Inappropriate!” a bit earlier, who were you referring to then? 

TRUMP: Gal Gadot in that Wonder Woman flick. 

BANNON: Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. 

TRUMP: Me neither until I saw the movie. Look at her. Hot Greek girl on that island, ruins a perfectly good peace treaty to go fight the Germans. 

BANNON: I fail to see what was inappropriate about-

TRUMP: First, she left that island when there was a perfect barrier in place. Can’t abide wall jumpers. Even the hot ones! At least she wasn’t Mexican. That would have been terrible. Just the worst. And B, who does Gal Gadot think she is? 

BANNON: By that you mean-

TRUMP: She totally wants me. You saw how she was looking at the screen? So obvious. 


TRUMP: Understand the irresistible charisma of the Trump. HUUUGE. Tremendous. So big. Just the best. But she needs to tone it down on screen to let other guys think they have a chance. Seductive acting!

BANNON: She’s married with two kids sir. 

TRUMP: I know. So inappropriate she’s sending me signals as a married woman. Can’t respect that. Can respect her fighting in the movie. It almost looks real. Gymkata!

BANNON: She served as a combat instructor in the Israeli Defense Forces, sir. 

TRUMP: How come you know so much about her? You a fan or something? I thought you were antisemetic. Jews. Good people. Wall builders!

BANNON: Only against the ugly ones sir. 

TRUMP: Ok. Can respect. You must really hate Kathy Griffin then. Legitimate grievances!  

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