6/23/2017 – Accurate

TRUMP: Got to admit you two. This new health care plan you guys came up with. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

PENCE: I think we can help explain that sir. 

BANNON: Ok, boys, come on in. 

TRUMP: Who are these two? What’s with the guy in the lab coat? Pence finally getting his hair taken care of? Good idea. Anything would be an improvement. Minimal standards!

PENCE: We thought it would help if we demonstrated how the new health care plan works. 

BANNON: This gentleman here in the lab coat represents the medical community under the current state of health care in the country. 

DOCTOR: Good morning, Mr. President.

PENCE: And the individual on the right is a patient.


PENCE: Now under Obamacare, the patient only has a few dollars in his pocket and can’t afford the pills he needs from his physician. But under the current plan the physician is able to provide the pills to the patient anyway. 

DOCTOR: Here you go. 

PATIENT: Thank you!

TRUMP: Ok. Makes sense. Good plan. Except that it came from O’Bombs. Therefore worst plan in the history of plans. You couldn’t plan a plan that bad. Anti-plan!

BANNON: Now under the current plan that we’ve developed- 

PENCE: Ok, Senator McConnell come on in.

McCONNELL: Good morning Mr. President, Pence, Bannon. *BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM!!!!*

PATIENT: Holy crap!!! Are you mad! You shot him! 

TRUMP: Ok. So. Mitch. You shot the doctor.

McCONNELL: Yes sir. Four times sir.

PATIENT: I think he’s dead! Someone call an ambulance!

TRUMP: Makes sense so far. So how does this save us money?

McCONNELL: It’s quite simple sir. Ok boys, you know what to do.

PATIENT: Ow! What are you-stop!

PENCE: Easy now, just hand it over.

BANNON: Won’t…take…a…second.

PATIENT: Hey!! Give that back! *OOOF!*

PENCE: Ouch. Groin shot! Nice one Bannon!

BANNON: It represents our prostate cancer coverage.

TRUMP: So now what?

McCONNELL: We split the cash in his wallet. Everybody wins.

TRUMP: Nice plan. Not a Trump plan but still a good second place. Everybody benefits. Except for those two. But it’s their fault for needing to spend money on health care. Teaches them they should be healthy like Trump. Trump health best health. So healthy. So good. Natural orange glow of fitness. Tremendous. No burden to society!

BANNON: Not at all sir. 

PENCE: At least not in that respect. 

McCONNELL: If it’s ok with all of you now, I’m going to return to my nest and protect my eggs. 

TRUMP: You. McConnell. Not an owl. Mammalian politician! 

McCONNELL: I don’t know WHOOOOO keeps spreading those rumors. 

PATIENT: Can I….ow…go now??

PENCE: Not yet. 

BANNON: The pharmaceutical companies haven’t received their share yet. Please remove your clothes. 

TRUMP: Accurate!

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