7/6/2017 – EuroTrump 2.0

BANNON: Well…here we are…in Warsaw… 

PENCE: Yyyuup. Just in time for the President’s second European tour. 

BANNON: It’s going to be much better this time. 

PENCE: Absolutely. EuroTrump 2.0 is guaranteed to be a success! 

BANNON: He’s going to nail it when he meets with the President of Poland today!

PENCE: I’m certain President Andrzej Duda will see that America has a true leader guiding the free world towards-

TRUMP: You two. What are you doing in here? Need your help. Want to run a few Pollock jokes by you before meeting their President. 



TRUMP: That what they call him? President? He’s a Pollock, so probably a Pollidant. Sounds like the king of strippers. Should be a woman. Better that way. Gender specific!



TRUMP: Need to tell Pollidant to use electoral system. Pollidant, therefore probably gets job from polls. So wrong, the polls. Just the worst. Fake news!



BANNON: We’re doomed. 

PENCE: Yyyuup.

TRUMP: Ok. First one. Two Pollocks and the Pollidant walk into a strip club… 


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