8/16/2017 – All Sides

TRUMP: Ughhh. Fake media not listening. Take my exact words and report them to the public. Totally missing what I’m saying. Unfair!

BANNON: Agreed, sir. No context whatsoever. 

PENCE: You should get ahead of them Mr. President! 

TRUMP: Already ahead. Rich. Therefore automatic winner. But have to go to Twitter to get point across. Public will listen!

BANNON: Actually that reminds me sir, former President Obama sent out a tweet about Charlottesville.

TRUMP: Who cares? Nobody listens to what he has to say anyway. Tweetless voice! Twitter. Best media outlet. 140 characters of truth, immediate public response. Voice of the people!

PENCE: Actually sir, it became the….most liked tweet…in the history of Twitter. 






PENCE: And the fifth most retweeted tweet. Sir. 




TRUMP: Twitter. Twitter. Worst media outlet. 140 characters of lies. Voice of losers. Can’t trust people getting information from a single source. Media monopoly!

BANNON: That reminds me sir, you have a press conference in 5.

TRUMP: Good. Who’s in the press room?

BANNON: Alex Jones from Infowars, the Daily Stormer, and Fox News.

TRUMP: Good. Range of opinions. Crazy, racist, and losers. All sides represented!  

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