9/11/2017 – Knock Yourself Out

PENCE: Somber day today. 

TRUMP: Sure. 



PENCE: It’s…9/11 sir. 



TRUMP: You forgot the 10. 


TRUMP: You said 9 and 11. There’s a number between those two. Math!


TRUMP: Ten. Good number. Especially when talking about girls. Best number when talking about girls. Mandatory for the ol’ Trumpedo. 

PENCE: I’m speechless.

TRUMP: Calm down there glacier head. Talking about ratings not age. Too young to grab. Boundaries! Only date girls rated 10. Nines. Off the table. Elevens. Don’t exist! Unless talking about Ivanka. So attractive, Ivanka. Total 11, believe me.

PENCE: I can’t…the Twin Towers…

TRUMP: Stop right there. Twin Towers. GREAT tag team name. The best! Hold on. Got to talk to Vince McMahon. Number 2 on my speed dial. Number 1 is Putin, even though I’ve never spoken to him. Can’t prove! McMahon. Number 2. Got to tell him of my new tag team idea. The Twin Towers! So good, believe me. Just the best. Tremendous.

PENCE: Can I stay for that conversation, sir? I need to experience this for comedic I mean educational purposes.

TRUMP: Sure. Knock yourself out.

PENCE: I try to sir. Every day. Every day.  

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