10/13/2017 – Virgin Islands

TRUMP: Met the President of the Virgin Islands.

PENCE: Yes sir.

DeVOS: Mr. President, I-

TRUMP: Awful guy. Couldn’t stand him. So egotistical. Just the worst. Thinks he knows everything. Totally wrong!

PENCE: Of course.

DeVOS: Sir, you do realize-

TRUMP: Realize I’m dealing with a dimwit who can’t handle his own country. This president. Worst ever. Need to fire!

PENCE: Couldn’t agree more, sir.

DeVOS: Michael, you do realize that President Trump is also technically president of the Virgin Islands.

PENCE: Completely.

TRUMP: You. Pence, right? Get my tweet phone. Need to let America know how clueless the Virgin Islands president is. Worst president ever.

PENCE: Right away sir.

DeVOS: Mr. President, I have to-

PENCE: One more word and I let the CIA know about your Thursday night blood sacrifices.


PENCE: And the afterparty.

DeVOS: FINE. But the coven will one day have your soul. I swear it.

PENCE: Have you forgotten where I work? My soul is gone already.

TRUMP: New tweet: Virgin Islands President. Total failure. Worst President ever. People should impeach immediately. Out of office!

PENCE: Great tweet sir.

DeVOS: On second thought, keep that soul. It would probably just poison the coven.

TRUMP: Need to meet next with the President of American Samoa. Probably an idiot. Have to expect the worst. Guaranteed just an awful President. The worst, believe me.

PENCE: I can guarantee it sir.

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