10/27/2017 – Still looking

TRUMP: Not here. Not here either. Maybe…not here. Ugghhh. Just the worst. 

PENCE: I’m certain it’s in there somewhere.

DeVOS: What’s he doind with that pile of papers. 

PENCE: Oh nothing, just going through the released JFK documents. 

TRUMP: Has to be in here somewhere. Must exist!

PENCE: I’m sure you’ll find it sir!

DeVOS: Find what? What is he looking for?

PENCE: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. 





DeVOS: Michael…

PENCE: Ok. I…may…have let him know that President Kennedy once groped a woman and got away with it. 

TRUMP: Has to be in here. Just stuff on head shots, second gunman, Mafia conspiracy…irrelevant drivel!

DeVOS: You…did tell him about Marilyn Monroe, correct? 

PENCE: Who? 



DeVOS: You’re evil.

PENCE: I prefer the term “differently moral”.

TRUMP: Here we go. Found it.

PENCE: You what? I mean, really Mr. President? 

TRUMP: Found the groping. Seems he was having sex with some woman named Jackie. Figures. Jackie. Man’s name. Probably having sex with one of those trans ladyboyladies. Then shared the same bathroom. Disgusting!

PENCE: You should tweet that sir!

DeVOS: Do you want to lose your job? 




DeVOS: Maybe call a press conference sir!

PENCE: I knew you’d see things my way. 

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