11/10/2017 – Political cuck

TILLERSON: Penny for your thoughts, sir? 

TRUMP: You. Such a loser. Trump thoughts worth so much more. Value priced brainwaves!

TILLERSON: A…million dollars for your thoughts, Mr. President? 

TRUMP: Never worked so cheap but just this once. Thinking about sexual molestation. 




TRUMP: So awful. 

TILLERSON: Oh thank God. I thought you were going to say something else. 

TRUMP: Famous people list. So huge. Cosby. Weinstein, Affleck. Halperin. Hoffman. Spacey. Piven. Rattner. Sheen. Seagal. Louis CK. Even more! 

TILLERSON: And one of them actually tried to hide behind his homosexuality to diffuse the accusation. 

TRUMP: Don’t care about Halperin. Can’t believe so many! Sheen, sure, but he’s a psycho. Like the guy. Tiger blood. Says it so it must be true. Winning!

TILLERSON: In a strange way it must feel somewhat redeeming that many of these folks are part of the Hollywood liberal elite and were vocal critics of yours.

TRUMP: Hate it. So disgusted. Awful precedent!

TILLERSON: Well I have to admit sir, I am quite impressed by your support of women’s-

TRUMP: All of them sorry. None of them bragging about it. Powerful men. Need to just grab them by the-

TILLERSON: Mr. President!!!

TRUMP: You. So awful. Never interrupt me on way to punch line again. Need Pence here. Would totally just sit there and not interrupt me. Political cuck! 

TILLERSON: Well in a way I guess it’s good because at the very least it shows they’re no better than you. 




TILLERSON: I mean that they were never better than you, um, sir. 

TRUMP: Continue. From the index card I gave you. Go. 


TRUMP: Or I could just leave you here in Asia. New North Korean ambassador! 

TILLERSON: …*sigh*…because you are…the best…so good…just tremendous, believe you. 

TRUMP: Nice brown nose recovery. Worthy of Pence. Cuck in training! 

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