11/23/2017 – Thankful

TRUMP: Uggghhh. 

PENCE: Sir? 

TRUMP: So awful. Helped him out with his crimes. Got him out of trouble. No word of thanks! On Thanksgiving!

PENCE: Sir I’m sure Mr. Loser Ball is actually very-

TRUMP: Talking about that Turkey the one I pardoned. So ungrateful. Selfish poultry!



PENCE: SO…Mr. President, it’s Thanksgiving. Is there you anything that you are tha-

TRUMP: One. Being Trump. So good. Just the best. Two. Not being you. Can’t imagine that existence. Probably hell but  paler. Three. Money. Just the best. Trump money best money. So classy. Four. Being President. Can do what I want. Could do that before but now when I tell people what to do they don’t say “Yes Mr. Trump”, they say “Yes, Mr. President Trump.” Natural evolution. Four. Poor people. Make me feel even richer. Financial relativity! Five…

PENCE: We’re going to be here a while.

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