12/19/2017 – Trumpinator 2000

TILLERSON: Mr. President the media is saying you-

PENCE: Leave him alone Rex. 

TILLERSON: What’s…what’s he doing? He’s just sitting there with that smile. It’s creepy. 

PENCE: He…heard some good news. 

TRUMP: Go good. Just the best. Tremendous. 

TILLERSON: Is it the tax reform bill getting passed in congress? 

PENCE: Nope. 

TRUMP: Tax bill. Good news not great. 

TILLERSON: Is it the record Dow closings? 

PENCE: That makes him happy, but that’s not it. 

TRUMP: Dow. Going up, means Trump’s rich. But Trump’s always rich. Trump life rich life. Same thing!

TILLERSON: I know! It’s the liberal media beginning to acknowledge the president is not as bad they believe. 

PENCE: Surprisingly no. 

TRUMP: Liberal media. Eating crow. So delicious. Hypocrisy cuisine!

TILLERSON: All I have left is Omarosa leaving. 

PENCE: Rex! Don’t-

TRUMP: YOU. Don’t mention that name around here again. Omarosa. Just the worst. Never liked her kind. 



TRUMP: One of them. Just the worst. 

TILLERSON: Sir, you don’y mean bla-

TRUMP: Former Apprentice non-celebrity contestants. So useless all of them. Waste of Q-rating!

PENCE: That was close. 

TILLERSON: Ok, I’m at a loss here. Why is he smiling so much? 

PENCE: Disney finally set up his animatronic model at the Hall of Presidents. 

TRUMP: RoboTrump. So good. Trumpinator 2000 will take over the world. Political Trumpocalypse!

PENCE: Mr. President we, um saw your model, and it kind of looks like…well…

TILLERSON: The face on your model looks like Hillary with a wig. 







TRUMP: Good news just became great. Hillary. Already a robot. Trump robot with Hillary face. Ultimate insult to her. Cybernetic mockery!

TILLERSON: Got to admit, didn’t see that coming. 

PENCE: Well I didn’t see us getting to 2018 without the world in flames, but miracles do happen thank the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

TRUMP: Note to self. Change Twitter profile to Hillary face. Multimedia ridicule!

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