3/15/2018 – Space Force

PENCE: Mr. President your next sacrifice I mean Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is here. 

TRUMP: Bring him in. 

POMPEO: Already here sir. 

TRUMP: GAH! How did you do that? Amazing! 

POMPEO: I was the Director of the CIA, sir. My training included clandestine entry procedures.

PENCE: Now see here that pornographic language will not be tolerated in the Oval-   

TRUMP: Impressive stealth! Just not there but suddenly there. Like a Caucasian Ben Carson. 

CARSON: I’m here sir. 

TRUMP: Yow! Surrounded by incompetent ninjas! Hey Pompeii, you should get some of those chop-sockey guys in black. Budget increase! 

POMPEO: Actually, sir, the CIA already has an elite covert group of-

TRUMP: So. You. New Secretary. Not get me coffee secretary but manage everything while I take credit secretary. Job of a lifetime! 

PENCE: You can say that again sir!

TRUMP: Uggghhh! You. Pompernickel. Anything in those CIA folders about making Pence here disappear?

POMPEO: Bunker 7, Sublevel 3. Hallway B, Room 149, Filecabinet X-14, third drawer, Folder titled “Operation White Out”. 






POMPEO: Kidding, sir. 

PENCE: Whew!

TRUMP: You. I like you. This guy. Joker! Not Trump level of comedy but still funnyish. Rib-splitter!

POMPEO: We have a few of those for aggressive interrogation.

CARSON: I also chuckled. 

TRUMP: Yikes! Hey Pompom, you should hire this guy! 

PENCE: He’s your Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, sir. 

TRUMP: Not a real job. Trump. Already built housing and developed urbans.  No work needed, just told others what to do. So good at that, believe me. Just the best. 

POMPEO: You wished to see me, Mr. President? 

TRUMP: Want a Space Force. 






TRUMP: Force in space. Fight off aliens. With pew pew lasers. Military Jedis!

CARSON: The Jedis were technically not in the Republic Military although they did serve as valued generals. 

TRUMP: Now I wish you really would disappear. 

 POMPEO: Bunker 5, Sublevel 9. Hallway A, Room 135, Filecabinet G-19, bottom drawer, Folder titled “Surgical Malpractice”. 






POMPEO: Kidding, sir. 

TRUMP: This guy!

PENCE: A true jester of comedy, Mr. President!

CARSON: I did not chuckle that time. 

TRUMP: GEEZ! Carson. Just appears out of a cloak of boredom. Distractingly dull!

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