6/18/2018 – Optics

TRUMP: Don’t understand why press don’t get it. Have to enforce catch and release. 

PENCE: I’m just saying sir it doesn’t look good. 

POMPEO: The optics here are just not with us when it comes to separating children from their families, even if they’re entering the country illegally.

TRUMP: Listen to you. Like a modern day Ibn al-Haytham. 



TRUMP: The father of modern day Optics? Am I the only one that reads here? 

PENCE: Hate when has random knowledge like that. 

POMPEO: I don’t think you understand what the long term public perception damage Catch and Release is doing to your administration, sir.  

TRUMP: No. You. The one not understanding. Ok. Pull up your brains and sit down. Catch. Release. It’s like this. Guy has a ball. 

PENCE: A ball?

POMPEO: I don’t-

TRUMP: Big ball. Heavy. Round. Has holes in it like Bernie’s tax plan. You throw it. Bunch of pins. Ten of them. Have to avoid alley. 

PENCE: That…doesn’t sound like-

POMPEO: Bowling. That’s bowling sir. 





POMPEO: The shoes are nice though.  

TRUMP:  Shoes. So good. Just the best. 

PENCE: Nice save. 

TRUMP: Never liked playing Catch and Release anyway. Giant black object avoiding gutters and trying to hit a bunch of perfectly decent white objects minding their own business. It’s-


PENCE: Hey Mr. President! How about that Space Force!

TRUMP: Space Force. Just the best. Like military but spacesuits and lasers. So good. Just the best. Need to create right now!

POMPEO: Nice save for YOU Michael!

PENCE: Thanks. I only pull it out when he’s going down a dangerous path. 

POMPEO: So why IS the president interested in a Space Force? 

PENCE: I told him Martian chicks are hot. 

TRUMP: Note to self. Build Space Force. Send exploration team to Mars. Pick up hot young Martian girls, keep out rest of Martian family. Catch and Release!

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